About VirKet Holding

In four years we have grown to be the leading digital/mobile marketing technology and services firm within the Hispanic market. We offer Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms focused on Return on Investment (ROI) through big data, programmatic buying, real time bidding and predictive modeling algorithms.

Our patented technologies are complemented with our digital/mobile marketing products, offered to Large Corporations and Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) alike. Our technologies and products are amplified with our marketing consulting services which are commanded by top industry leaders.

We are proud to be the only true turnkey solution.

Our corporate clients consistently achieve the highest ROI possible and our platform partners continue to see their revenue explode.

Awards and Credentials:

  • Best Search Agency 2013 (Google Awards)
  • Operations: United States, Mexico, Canada and Colombia
  • Over 150,000 paying businesses use our proprietary SaaS Technology
  • The Best of e-Business 2011 & 2013 (CNN Expansion Awards)
  • 20+ Forbes Global 2000 Clients

It is our mission and our responsibility to maximize return on investment for our clients and strategic partners.


If you’re interested in funding a specific VirKet Holding project or wish to know more about our stock options. Please contact us.


Marketing Software – The Perfect Marketing Platforms

The Complete Local Marketing Products Solution

 Are you a Publisher, Yellow Page, Government, Agency, Media Group, or Large Corporation?

Do you have thousands of Small and Medium Business Customers, Franchises, and/or Distributors?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then you have come to the right place.
Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) have turned to digital marketing in order to grow and increase their revenue.
Simply because they cannot afford other means of more traditional advertisement like Television, Radio, Billboards, etc… and therefore they search for whatever can make them more sales, for the least amount of investment possible.
28% of all SMBs total budget within the United States is going to digital marketing promotion and advertising according to the latest study by the Kelsey Group.
What if you could tell your SMB customers that if they invest $500 USD per month with you in a package that contains their own Website, Online Advertising, Social Media, Call Tracking and other forms of digital marketing, they will receive 50 leads from potential clients each month to make their business grow and explode?
Because that’s exactly what our platforms can do for you.
Here’s a brief overview of our business model:

The 7 Pillars of VirKet’s White Label Business Model

  1. We Do Everything For You – Production, Fulfillment, Products, Services, Sales, Software, Technology, Optimization, Administration, Billing, Reports, Upsells. Everything done for you under a single interface.
  2. Training and Consulting – Sales Training, Marketing Consulting, Finance Integration, Operations and Production. Your team trained by our proven experts to work as a united front.
  3. Top Platforms in the SMB Marketing Industry – VirKet, Boxx,io, Kenshoo, Marchex, Agendize, Vendasta, Swiftpage, and more. The top technologies in their respective industry all integrated within our platform.
  4. Control – You get full control of the SMB client’s virtual real estate and assets. They become completely dependent on you.
  5. Instant Production and Delivery – Production and fulfillment in 3 business days under contract with our form based production technology.
  6. The Results The Client Wants – The only thing that matters to an SMB client is leads, calls and sales. Period. They couldn’t care less about clicks, impressions, and other industry jargon. We provide the SMBs the exact result they want and that’s exactly why we have a 96% renewal rate.
  7. High Profit For You We only make money per SMB closed and you get to keep most of it. Thanks to the results and ROI we’re delivering, the SMB client wants more and more. A similar client sold 30,000 of our white labeled products to their SMB customers in 18 months, 96% renewal per year, recurring monthly payments.

Lets work together.